Professional Pet Nail Clipper With Led Light

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Professional Pet Nail Clipper With Led Light

One of the most common reasons for avoiding nail trims are that the pet owner is afraid of “quicking” their pet. “Quicking” is what happens when one uses a nail clipper to clip their pet’s nails short but over extends and cuts the tissue or “flesh” of their pet’s nail. This will in turn create a traumatizing and painful experience for the animal and will just give them a bad feeling towards the procedure overall. Nail cutting will then become an event surrounded by angst and drama. So to avoid all that fuss, we have the Professional Pet Nail Clipper With Led Light to help in enhancing you and your pets quality of life when its nail grooming time.

Professional Pet Nail Clipper With Led Light

Now we all know that pet owners can’t just leave their cats or dogs with long toenails. This will cause them pain on their feet when their toenails contacts hard ground like sidewalks or the kitchen floor. With the use of our Professional Pet Nail Clipper With Led Light, you can clip your cat or dog’s toenails safely and easily. It is equipped with precision cutting blades that cuts quickly and eliminates the struggle. It also features a light that will help illuminate the nail of your pet so you can see the nail’s delicate blood line and be able to trim safely on the right spot. It also has a nail trapper that will catch the nail clippings for easy cleanups and it also doubles as a magnifier so you can see what you are doing better.

Professional Pet Nail Clipper With Led Light

To use the pet nail clipper properly, you must not hesitate while trimming. That is key. It is also important to use your dominant hand when using the tool. Be wary of pets with dark colored nails because with those, it is difficult to determine where the quick is and you might cut it but luckily with the help of our pet nail clipper with led light, you will be able to see better and not hurt your pet. Keeping your lovable pooch or kitty happy and healthy has never been this easy!

Professional Pet Nail Clipper With Led Light



  • Super-bright LED light illuminates the nail for safe grooming
  • Safe and easy way to trim your pet's nails
  • Quick-clip precision hardened steel blade trims with ease
  • 5 times the magnification
  • Great for cats and dogs
  • Invented by pet lovers with the help of veterinarians


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