Portable Bento Box - Microwavable Lunch Box

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Portable Bento Box - Microwavable Lunch Box

Bringing your own lunch to work or school can dramatically improve your health. When you make your own lunch, then you are in complete control of what you are eating – you can ensure that there will not be any hidden fats, increased sugar, or too much salt hiding in your food. On those occasions when you prepare your lunch at home, you can use more nutritious, natural ingredients and reduce your chances of overeating by exercising better portion control ahead of time. With the Portable Bento Box - Microwavable Lunch Box you can pack your own lunch and avoid making poor impulse decisions than lead to ordering more food than you need at a restaurant, or by ordering high-calorie fast food items that will certainly make it much more difficult for you to maintain a healthy weight

Portable Bento Box - Microwavable Lunch Box

The Portable Bento Box - Microwavable Lunch Box is made of durable material that has a smooth finish that gives it a completely chic and elegant design. Not bulky and clunky at all. It features a double-layer pack which you can separate your food in a manner that can be said is inspired from the traditional Japanese bento box style packing of food. The lunch box is fully capable of being heated up in the microwave, though it is important that the lid and partition for the tableware included inside should not be included in the microwaving process. You will find that it will be helpful to bag the bento boxes in cloth or specialty paper bag to complete the look and functionality of your packed lunch.

Portable Bento Box - Microwavable Lunch Box

Packing lunch at home allows you to have more control over the types of food you enjoy at your mid-day meal. Many school lunches provide little opportunity to choose -- you get whatever the cafeteria is serving for the day. But if you pack your food at home, you decide what goes into your bag. And if you make healthy choices, this food freedom could actually ensure that you eat a lunch healthier than the one you could have bought at school. People too often eat lunch “on-the-go” or when they are at work or school, where they may make distracted decisions that are bad for their bodies and hard on their budgets. Your best decision might be to get yourself this beautiful looking bento box and pack a more fitness and finance-friendly lunch!

Portable Bento Box - Microwavable Lunch Box


  • It's Better For Your Health
  • It Saves You Money
  • It Saves You Time
  • It Keeps Leftovers From Going To Waste

Portable Bento Box - Microwavable Lunch Box

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Double-Layer Bento Box (with partitioning layer and inner lid)
  • 1 x Spoon
  • 1 x Chopstick
  • 1 x Elastic Band


  • Do not microwave with the inner lid, partitioning layer, and utensils
  • Not suitable for liquid food


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