Meat Thermometer - Touch Screen Digital Food Thermometer

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Meat Thermometer - Touch Screen Digital Food Thermometer

Many people test the doneness of meats by touch or sight. And sometimes with toothpicks. However, unless you’re using a meat thermometer like ours, you risk the meat not being properly cooked. Such errors could not only lead to a disappointing culinary experience but can also increase the risk of food borne illnesses. For such a small tool, a can significantly improve the quality of the food you prepare. The Meat Thermometer - Touch Screen Digital Food Thermometer makes cooking more efficient and more accurate, while giving you peace of mind that your meal is cooked to perfection.

Meat Thermometer - Touch Screen Digital Food Thermometer

With this instant read thermometer when used in your cooking, there’s no need to cut open a piece of chicken, stick a toothpick in a cake, carefully observe the consistency of candy, or set a timer and hope your food is perfectly cooked when it goes off. Ours is simply the best meat thermometer that’s essential when cooking raw meat, so anyone who grills, roasts, or fries benefits from owning one, and if you have an old analog thermometer, the speedy accuracy of the best digital thermometer will definitely be a step up.

Meat Thermometer - Touch Screen Digital Food Thermometer

Thanks to this highly useful Meat Thermometer - Touch Screen Digital Food Thermometer, food temperatures are more accurate than ever. While analog thermometers have traditionally been used in kitchens, they haven’t offered much more than an approximate temp range, which can make cooking to medium-rare a somewhat challenging feat. This meat thermometer, on the other hand, offers precise readings so you can hit the USDA’s minimum temp recommendation and not overcook your meat. A digital food thermometer is also much more helpful than analog thermometers when facing finicky kitchen projects, like tempering chocolate or making cheese, which can easily go awry if the temperature reading is off. Using our meat thermometer is a simple way to safely serve delicious cuts of meat every time.

Meat Thermometer - Touch Screen Digital Food Thermometer

Tips for Using a Food Thermometer:

  • Always place the digital meat thermometer probe in the thickest part of the meat or food. For poultry, insert the probe into the inner thigh. Do not touch the bone.
  • Use a meat thermometer when you are baking, frying, or grilling or for any other cooking need when you want to measure the temperature of food.
  • Wash the cooking thermometer’s probe thoroughly with hot, soapy water after every use.

Features and Benefits:

  • The meat thermometer has both Fahrenheit and Celsius temperature readings
  • Features 4 preset cooking options
  • 8 Preset Meat Cooking Options
  • Simple yet highly functional industrial design
  • Features a long metal rod probe, so you can safely stick it in the food without getting to close
  • Digital type so as to give you more accurate readings than analog
  • Touch screen LCD operation so no unreliable buttons that you have to deal with
  • Can set your own desired temperature to monitor meat temperature for perfect cooking result.

Meat Thermometer - Touch Screen Digital Food Thermometer

  • Using a food thermometer help prevent food borne illnesses
  • Perfect for grilling BBQ, chicken, turkey, ham, pork and fish
  • Large letters and Numbers for easy viewing.
  • Timer feature with Alarm, great for count down timing when cooking
  • A meat thermometer prevents you from overcooking meats and other dishes
  • Has a 40” Stainless Steel Wire Cord for temperature detection
  • Eliminate the Guesswork
  • Maintain Safe Temperature of food
  • Reheat Foods back to safe temperatures

Meat Thermometer - Touch Screen Digital Food Thermometer


  • Material: ABS + Stainless Steel
  • Size: 74 x 74 x 25mm / 2.91 x 2.91 x 1.18inch
  • Temperatures range: 0~250°C
  • Temperature Mode: Fahrenheit or Celsius

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Meat Thermometer
  • 1 x Probe
  • 1 x English manual


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