Liquid Lawn System - From Seed To Sod

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Liquid Lawn System - From Seed To Sod

Having a well-maintained lawn increases the value of your home and it makes it be really attractive. If you love pets and they keep on messing on your lawns it may be tiring as well as hard to maintain a well-kept lawn.

Now you don't have to worry, with the help of Liquid Lawn System - From Seed To Sod, it is now easy to keep a close check on your lawn. You only need to attach a garden hose to the Liquid Lawn System - From Seed To Sod thus ensuring that you are planting the seedlings at the right place. This Liquid lawn system is designed to reseed 200 spots. it contains the head and the coating chamber. it facilitates the grass to grow at any place that you spray it.

Hydro Mousse is easy to apply and provides the perfect solution for homeowners with patchy lawns that need repair. Fix dry spots, dog spots, high traffic areas, and shade.

Usage Directions

  1. Ensure that there is no debris or other weeds in the area that you are planting. loosen the top layer of the soil and ensure that the soil is moist.
  2. In order to perfectly understand how Hydro Mousse works, it is recommended that you should connect the nozzle to the canister and simply water your garden. this particular experience is the same one that you will feel when you are spraying seedlings.
  3. when you buy the liquid lawn system, it comes with enough seedlings to cover at least 10 square feet. it is therefore important to know your coverage area.
  4. Once you have mastered its usage, it's now time to plant. Pour the entire bag of grass seed and mousse additive into the canister. With the dial in the off position, connect the hose and turn on the water. Turn the dial to light seed, and fill the canister 3 quarters full of water, then turn the water off for at least 30 seconds to allow proper coating of the seeds. When you are ready, turn the water back on and start seeding the area you want to treat. Turn the unit on/off as you move through your lawn.
  5. After planting, it is recommended that you should water your seeds at least 2 times a day. for the seeds to germinate, it is required that you should keep the soil moist for a period of at least two weeks.
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  • 1 X A set of Liquid Lawn System - From Seed To Sod

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