Cell Phone Gooseneck Suction Mount

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Cell Phone Gooseneck Suction Mount

We can all agree that the reign of the smartphone had come in swiftly and all encompassing, so much so that it had quickly become the most popular electronic device in the world. Literally millions of people use them every day, allowing users to stay connected with people across the globe by accessing the web or simply using their cell service, stream movies, send emails and texts, take photos, listen to music and so much more. However, one of the disadvantages of using phones is that to perform all of the multitude of tasks available with its use, there is the fact that one has to actually hold the phone. At times it can be uncomfortable and inconvenient but luckily our Cell Phone Gooseneck Suction Mount offers the best solution to this problem.

Cell Phone Gooseneck Suction Mount

This phone holder and car mount offers several key benefits such as improved comfort, increased productivity and safety. The main advantage in using a phone stand is that it transforms your phone into a hands-free device that is absolutely imperative when driving. Using a cell phone while driving is against the law but there are just some situations where people are compelled to reach out and make that text or that call and end up in an accident. Driving already calls for immense concentration and skill and that will be incredibly difficult and hazardous to do if you’re on your phone texting or looking at your GPS for navigation. These are the types of situations that our Cell Phone Gooseneck Suction Mount comes as a great life saver.

Cell Phone Gooseneck Suction Mount

It is a perfect fit for most smartphones and has a 360-degree rotation that is able to provide multiple viewing angles from anywhere in your vehicle. It is easy to install and requires no tools. It has a super strong gel pad inside so the car mount will stick securely to most smooth flat surfaces. It comes with non-slip grippers that will gently but securely hold on to your phone and keep it steady. Now it would be good to remember that most vehicular accidents are completely preventable situations wherein our simple phone holder will be able make your life and others’ easier and safer.

Cell Phone Gooseneck Suction Mount

Cell Phone Gooseneck Suction Mount



  • Rotatable 360 degrees for the best viewing angle
  • Soft sturdy flexible tube arm to easily adjust the viewing angle and distance
  • Soft silicone lining on the V clip prevents scratches from occurring
  • A double V clip is used to hold the phone
  • No tools are needed, easy setup and quick use after installing!
  • Slip resistant silicon lining keeps phone steady inside the holder


Package Includes:

  • 1 x Car Mount Holder


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