2018 Ozone Generator Machine Air Purifier

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Best 2018 Ozone Generator Machine Air Purifier

The power to ozonate your environment is in your hands!

Ozonation is a water treatment process that destroys microorganisms and degrades organic pollutants through the infusion of ozone. That process is now available at your home with the Best 2018 Ozone Generator Machine Air Purifier. Ozonation can contribute a lot of benefits to our body. By drinking ozonated water, it can add oxygen to our bloodstream and eliminates the impurities. It has the ability to kill some cancer cells and slows the growth of a tumor. It also improves our immune system giving us more protection from infection. Drinking ozonated water can also improve our brain function because it increases the supply of oxygen to the brain. If you drink a cold ozonated water regularly on an empty stomach, it can detoxify your intestinal tract cleaning your whole body and reduces the risk for diseases.

Precautions when drinking ozonated water

  1. Drink ozonated water within 20 minutes since ozone will lose its strength and effectiveness after that.
  2. The container that the ozone will be bubbled into must be made of glass. Ozone will cause the plastic to be dissolved into the water.
  3. Take zinc, selenium, and vitamin E supplements when drinking ozonated water in order to support the detoxification process.
  4. Always use an ozone generator in a well-ventilated area ie big room, leave a window open if possible. You should not breathe in ozone since it can damage lung tissue.
  5. To minimize detoxification symptoms it is recommended to start out drinking one glass of ozonated water a day and then slowly build up to drinking up to 8 glasses a day
  6. Since ozonated water can significantly accelerate detoxification, some people experience cleansing symptoms, such as nausea, headaches, and stomach or bowel disturbances.

Use as an Air Purifier

Ozonate a small room, fridge, cupboard or car. First, remove the diffuser stone. Leave on for 30 minutes – 1 hour. Ozone, when breathed, can be an irritant to the lungs so ensure nobody is in the room or car when the ozone generator is on. The ozone takes a short time to dissipate after the machine is turned off so the room or car will be safe to enter again after half an hour.

Use as a Vegetable Washer

Simply fill your sink up with water with vegetables inside, make sure the stone diffuser is inserted on the end, and let the ozone diffuse for at least 20 mins.

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