Baby Nest Pillow Bed Co Sleeper - Baby Pod Newborn Lounger

Keep your baby comfy and cozy in the baby nest pillow bed! With its ultra soft and breathable cushioned edges, it can provide your newborn baby that reassuring “cocoon-like” holding effect that keeps them calm and comfortable the entire time.

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Baby Nest Pillow Bed Co Sleeper - Baby Pod Newborn Lounger

The Baby Nest Pillow Bed Co Sleeper - Baby Pod Newborn Lounger gives your baby a cozy and comfy place to sleep, and everyone knows that when the baby sleeps calmer, so does the parents! Use the baby nest when you wish to put him close to you when you’re on the couch, in the baby cot, cradle, or in between you the parents. This sleeping pod for babies allows your baby to sleep soundly all night long. It is also a great way to transition from mom’s abdomen to cot. The World Health Organisation (WHO) recommends that babies lay flat on their back to combat sudden infant death syndrome. The frog-like position of the baby pod helps with digestion, promotes your infant's development, and it reassures your baby by giving him/her sensations similar to the womb. All of these elements combined provide ultimate comfort and make the baby nest a must-have for every baby.

Baby Nest Pillow Bed Co Sleeper - Baby Pod Newborn Lounger

Why you and your little one will love the Baby Nest Pillow Bed Co Sleeper - Baby Pod Newborn Lounger? This baby nest perfectly adapts to your baby's body shape and with an adjustable leg support roll made of micro-granules raises baby's legs to help with digestion, breathing and colic. The fitted head support distributes the pressure on skull evenly, ideal for keeping baby's head nice and round and prevent from Plagiocephaly or flat-head syndrome. The shape and design of the newborn lounger cradles the baby in a natural fetal position that soothes the baby by mimicking the cozy environment of the mother’s womb. So now that the baby is outside of it, he or she can still feel safe and secure like he was before. It also allows the baby to enjoy a more deep sleep while reducing the frequency and necessity of holding and lulling them.

Baby Nest Pillow Bed Co Sleeper - Baby Pod Newborn Lounger

With its ultra-soft material and cushioned edges, the baby nest provides a reassuring "cocoon-like" holding effect that helps in reducing startle reflex and let’s baby play, rest and nap comfortably. The newborn baby nest is made of breathable, hypoallergenic and non-toxic materials. 100% cotton fabric is used for a soft, breathable and non-irritating feel. The internal fillers are also specifically made to be hypoallergenic so the baby or anyone else doesn’t suffer from any allergies or mites, making it safe for baby’s health. The lightweight design and easy to use features make this baby nest a portable must-have. Co sleep with your baby worry free!

Baby Nest Pillow Bed Co Sleeper - Baby Pod Newborn Lounger


  • Deeply contoured sides, anti-roll design, keeps your baby in the proper inclined position safety
  • Baby pillow helps prevent flat-head syndrome and keep a nice round head for your baby!
  • Helps prevent startle reflex
  • Adjustable leg support to help with digestion and breathing. Adjust the leg roll to the size of your little one for a perfect fit from birth up to 3 months (Use until baby rolls over).
  • Ultra-soft micro-breathable fabric: Ideal head, neck and back ventilation
  • Memory foam mattress
  • Universal Size - Fits all types of loungers, bouncers, car seats and carrycots. Can be used with a sloping mattress.
  • Lightweight and Portable

Baby Nest Pillow Bed Co Sleeper - Baby Pod Newborn Lounger

General Advice:

  • Baby nest can be used inside a bassinet in the bed between parents, in a baby cot, a cradle or in a pram, as well as on surfaces like baby mats or sofa’s where the parents watch the infant.
  • If used as co-sleeping recommended position is at adult head level.
  • Place the nest on a flat surface, on a safe distance from edges/ bed edges.
  • Never carry your baby around in Baby nest.
  • Please note that soft objects such as pillows, quilts and stuffed toys should be kept out of the babies sleeping environment.

Baby Nest Pillow Bed Co Sleeper - Baby Pod Newborn Lounger


  • Not suitable for babies who are able to turn on their own.
  • Make sure the baby is not getting too warm.
  • Never leave babies that are able to roll or crawl unattended on the baby nest, especially when used on either a flat or raised surface.
  • Intended for babies up to 0-3 months of age (We recommend to stop using when they roll over on their own).
  • Does not replace an approved car seat.
  • Do not share a bed with your baby if you are a smoker, have been drinking alcohol, if you take medication or drugs that make you drowsy, or if you feel exhausted.

Baby Nest Pillow Bed Co Sleeper - Baby Pod Newborn Lounger


  • Size: 55 x 22 x 38cm
  • Thickness: 2-3cm

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Baby Nest


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