3Pc Rainbow Cuticle Remover Set - Cuticle Pusher and Nipper

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3Pc Rainbow Cuticle Remover Set - Cuticle Pusher and Nipper

Want to keep your hands looking tidy or maintain your manicure? If so, cuticle maintenance with our 3Pc Rainbow Cuticle Remover Set - Cuticle Pusher and Nipper is must!

No time or go on expensive salon trips for manicures? If so, our professional grade cuticle nipper set is for you! Just take personal control of your cuticle care at home and get a mani-pedi that rivals that of professional salons at a fraction of the price! Our professional grade cuticle remover is designed to trim ragged and overgrown cuticles and hangnails precisely and cleanly, leaving a smooth finish on your nails. The cuticle cutter set is suitable for women and men. Why is it important to have tools at home to take care of your nails? Using the right tools to keep the nails on your hands and feet properly trimmed avoids painful problems like hangnails and jagged edges. With the right tools like our cuticle nipper and cuticle pusher, you can avoid these problems. Apart from personal hygiene, using the right nail grooming tools offers other benefits too. Cuticle nippers are intended for removing dead tissue and cuticle imperfections only.

3Pc Rainbow Cuticle Remover Set - Cuticle Pusher and Nipper

The 3Pc Rainbow Cuticle Remover Set - Cuticle Pusher and Nipper is constructed from heavy duty stainless steel and sharpened to perfection acting as an excellent cuticle remover, durable to resist wear and tarnish, easy sterilization. The unique and ergonomic grip of both the cuticle pusher as well as the cuticle nipper is easy to hold. The cuticle clipper is made with a retractable spring makes it effortless to snip every angle without fear of losing control while nipping damaged cuticles. Further, the contoured tip follows the natural curve of the nail for uniform and safe cutting. If you're going to cut your cuticles, you must use high quality stainless steel nippers like ours. If they are not sharp, quality blades, you'll run the risk of cutting your skin by pushing down too hard. Our set of the best cuticle remover is made with the colors resembling a rainbow! No bland and basic flat colors for your tools, enjoy a splash of color with these cuticle clippers!

3Pc Rainbow Cuticle Remover Set - Cuticle Pusher and Nipper

The cuticle pusher can perfectly meet your requirements for manicures or undernail cleanings. Its high quality make and relative affordability proves that ours is the best cuticle remover tools out in the market right now. You can safely keep these tools in your bathroom for at-home gel nails, or take it in travel kit, or purse for quick touch-ups and hassle-free manicure maintenance. Enjoy cuticle care anytime, anywhere!

Features and Benefits:

  • Portable and Easy to store - The small size of the cuticle pusher set means the tools are extremely portable and easy to carry in a case or pocket
  • Suitable for professional salon or home use
  • Easy to trim cuticles or hangnails closely without damaging live tissue
  • Fits into tight areas
  • Ideal for arthritic or painful hands and larger palms
  • Easier to find a good pair of cuticle nippers than a good pair of cuticle scissors

3Pc Rainbow Cuticle Remover Set - Cuticle Pusher and Nipper

How to Use the Cuticle Remover?

  1. Soften the nails and cuticles by applying Manicure Softener on the nail.
  2. Using a cuticle pusher, carefully push back the cuticle along the nail bed.
  3. Use the cuticle nipper to cut hangnails or overgrown cuticles cleanly and painlessly.
  4. Trim excess skin and hangnails but never cut off the entire cuticle. The idea is to remove excess skin and hangnails only.


  • If you want to trim your cuticles, it’s important to soften them first. You can do this by soaking your nails in warm water. Taking a bath or shower can also help soften them.


  • Material: Stainless Steel

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Cuticle Nipper
  • 2 x Cuticle Pusher


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